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Web Application Security Assessment

Organizations rely on web applications to provide business services across the internet. However, today web applications are the most targeted part of the internet’s information infrastructure. Web applications have grown to become very complex and introduce vulnerabilities that are not easily identified or mitigated. Let the expert identify the exploitable vulnerabilities for you and help you improve the security of your web applications.


Know your risk and keep your data safe

In contrast to the unauthenticated web application testing that is normally part of black-box penetration testing, authenticated web application test requires valid logins to be provided for the application and simulates an authorized user with malicious intent or an attacker in possession of stolen login credentials.

Authenticated users normally have deeper access to application functionality and thus have a much broader attack surface. Multiple logins associated with various application roles are utilized to assess the application for horizontal and vertical privilege escalations.

Cyber Castellum conducts vulnerability tests of web applications to identify potential coding, design and implementation vulnerabilities, flaws, or other misuse capability within the application that would lead to a data compromise, violation of business rules, privilege escalation, loss of data integrity or otherwise deny the ability of the application to provide its intended service. The types of vulnerabilities identified include but are not limited to OWASP Top 10. This form of testing highly recommended for applications that business normally relies upon.

Key Benefits of Web Application Security Assessments
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