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About Us

Cyber Castellum is a cybersecurity consulting firm that specializes in the identification of security vulnerabilities in an organization’s technology landscape.

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Our consultants have security expertise in various aspects of cyber security and they are always passionate to work on new projects.

About Cyber Castellum

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Cyber Castellum was founded to assist organizations in identifying the weaknesses and vulnerabilities that hackers often exploit to gain access to and compromise sensitive information and information systems. We then coordinate with our clients to implement the appropriate controls to reduce the risk.

We not only help you achieve compliance but also ensure that security is implemented in the most effective way possible. Your organization will be more secure, not just compliant.

We are an independent group of consultants and subject matter experts who are always by your side, whether you need to achieve compliance or want to know your cyber security posture and want to improve it.

Our consultants have security expertise in various aspects of security and have served clients in the U.S. Defense, Civil, and Private sectors both in U.S. and Internationally.



Our consultants have years of industry experience in security and IT.



We really love what we do and you will see the value in the quality of our work.



Our consultants hold recognized security certifications.

Cyber Castellum is a qualified service provider

Our employees hold the following industry certifications, and we are constantly training to keep up with the current trends and threats.

Our Approach to Securing Your IT Infrastructure

We make security an enabler, not a constraint. We know the constantly evolving risks environment that businesses operate in, and we make it our goal to help our clients avoid any unnecessary risks by identifying vulnerabilities and helping them mitigate them, to result in a more secure environment.

Certified Minority-Owned Business Enterprise

Cyber Castellum is Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE), recognized by several prestigious organizations. As an MBE, we’re committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity in the cybersecurity industry, and we bring a unique perspective to every project we undertake.

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