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Virtual CISO Consulting Services (vCISO)

It is extremely difficult and often costly to identify and hire a qualified virtual Chief Information Security professional to lead and assist with the development of a security program. Cyber Castellum’s virtual CISO consulting services (VCISO) solve the challenge of finding qualified and affordable staff by providing on-demand highly experienced qualified cybersecurity resources. A qualified and experienced Cyber Castellum cybersecurity professional will become an extension of your team.

Virtual CISO Consulting Services in US - Cyber Castellum
Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) Services Offerings

Compliance Readiness

Identify gaps between your current security state and compliance required target state and make recommendations to achieve the target state.

Development of Project Security Requirements and Practices

Identify and document functional and non-functional security and compliance requirements to make and keep a system secure.

Incident Response Technical Assistance

Build your incident response capabilities to help protect your organization from cyber threats. Assist with the technical investigation of incidents.

Independent Verification and Validation of Vendor Solution and Services

Ensure that procured cybersecurity solutions and services serve its intended purpose and compliance requirements are met as agreed upon.

Policy and Process Development

Develop any missing policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the compliance requirements.

Security Incident Response Preparedness Services

Determine how your incident response team will react when security incidents occur.

Security Awareness

Determine security awareness needs, advise management, oversee information security awareness sessions conducted and develop security awareness materials and contents as needed.

Strategic Security Planning

Advise and support in the planning of future security activities, including procurement processes to ensure security is not an afterthought.

Threat Awareness and Research Services

Provide up-to-date information about current security threats and how to reduce the risk of an incident.

Vulnerability Management

Identify, analyze, track, and ensure that vulnerabilities are mitigated to keep the systems and network infrastructure secure.

Key Benefits of Virtual CISO Consulting Services (vCISO)
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