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Secure Source Code Review Services

Software applications are ubiquitous, and all software have vulnerabilities. Identifying and addressing security issues in software is difficult, however addressing them at the source is optimal and reduces the cost of maintaining the software and need for large investment in patch-on technologies.


Know your risk and keep your data safe with Static Code Review

Identify  security issues and best practices violations in software source code that are the cause of most security vulnerabilities that exploited by attackers.

Secure Source Code Review Services in Albany Ny US - CyberCastellum

Secure Source Code review or Static Code Review is the process of manually reviewing the software source code for vulnerabilities using automated tools to make the process efficient. A secure code review can identify vulnerabilities that are normally missed by Blackbox assessments such as penetration tests.

A secure code review is a static analysis of the application source code including the identification of any libraries and other dependencies utilized

Key Benefits of Secure Source Code Review

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