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Comprehensive LinkedIn Cybersecurity Services

What we offer

We're providing a range of cybersecurity services to our LinkedIn followers, and here are a few of the offerings designed to enhance your digital security.

Vulnerability Scanning

We can conduct on demand Vulnerability scanning of your IT infrastructure, analyze and report vulnerabilities that require your attention.

Penetration Testing

We can simulate the activities of an actual attacker to determine the actual extent of the vulnerabilities and the impact of a compromise.

Wireless Assessment

We perform a variety of cybersecurity assessment to comply with various regulations and improve the security posture of your organization.

Web App Assessment

We'll identify potential design flaws, Coding, and implementation vulnerabilities, and features that can be circumvented.

Mob App Assessment

We'll identify potential design flaws, Coding and APIs that may be misconfigured or have excessive permissions.

Static Code Review

We'll analyze the static code dependencies and identify potential exposure to publicly disclosed vulnerabilities, ensuring protection for your systems.

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Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is to help you understand your attack surface, know your vulnerabilities to improve your security posture and protect your assets against adversaries and cybercriminals.

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